Parental Guidance

The Christian Bible says you are a Child of God. This is wonderful, but if God is your Father, who, would you imagine, is your Mother? Any ideas? No one? Since children are made up of characteristics from both parents, we need to figure out who our Mother is, don’t we? Could it possibly be true that God is both your Father and your Mother? Wait, if this is true, you would inherit 100% of God’s characteristics from your Father’s side and 100% from your Mother’s side of the family and that would make you 100% a Spiritual Being, wouldn’t it? Huh. Imagine that…

Human Relationships

All human relationships will involve a certain degree of dysfunction until the realization comes that there is no relationship between human beings. There is only one being. With that realization, all dysfunction dissolves.

The Body As A Garden

Treat the body exactly as a garden in which you have been given charge. Give it the necessary time, attention, and care to receive optimum return, yet never attach a personal identity to it. You would never confuse the garden with yourself. Similarly, never confuse the body with yourself. If you notice you are over-feeding or under-watering the garden, make the necessary adjustments, then let the garden be the garden. It will do what gardens do as they grow, sometimes as expected, other times producing surprising results. At times, it seems like we can influence the health and development of the garden, but ultimately, so much of the garden’s process is beyond our control and understanding, even in the garden’s demise, as it changes form and dissolves back into the earth from where it was never actually separate. This is the good and necessary process of gardens and bodies.

Time To Develop

Just as coming out of a completely dark room into a brightly lit room takes a time period of adjustment before one can see clearly, so does moving from unconsciousness to consciousness. The reality is, there is no person, no transformation, no passing of time. But on the human level, there is often the appearance of the passing of time before we can fully experience the depth and nuances of the awakened state. This is the illusion of spiritual novice and spiritual master.