I grew up with a mom who was a vocalist. I’m sure at some point when she was growing up she had aspirations of singing professionally, but she ended up marrying young and having 7 kids so her singing career consisted mostly of church solos and waking those kids up for school in the morning by belting out operatic high notes. I think I was exposed to female singers way before I listened to male vocalists which, at the time, consisted of Elvis and other country artists my dad loved. My ear still turns toward female vocals that are unique and powerful from Lucinda Williams to Jonatha Brooke to Kate Bush to Bj√∂rk. I love many but here is a list of my top five favorites, for no reason other than I just want to make a list. These are in no particular order on purpose. They are all wonderful and I’m not in the mood to struggle with who might be better than whom because I’m pretty sure I would have to pick my mom.

Suze DeMarchi

Lead singer of Baby Animals, INXS, lots of other stuff.

Annette Strean

Lead singer of Venus Hum, Tin Finley, lots of other stuff.

Diana Krall

Solo artist, jazz virtuoso, lots of other stuff.

Ann Wilson

Solo artist, lead singer of Heart, no introduction needed.

Margaret Becker

Underrated solo artist, songwriter, producer, lots of other stuff..