Girl in Silence

Image by Jerzy Górecki from Pixabay


Do you sense that we are currently under the influence of tremendous ego energy?

It’s true. Election years are always one of the most gratifying times for the ego and, at this writing, the United States is in the middle of one. There are so many opportunities to believe “I am right and the other person is wrong.” But why stop there? “I am on the path of political truth and righteousness while so many others are unconscious, selfish, and evil! Why can’t everyone else wake up and vote properly?” Election years are the all-you-can-eat, free buffet for feeding the ego.

The year 2020 has become synonymous with catastrophe. With the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine leading the way, we’ve since seen fires, hurricanes, riots, racial unrest, deaths, asteroids, pestilence, plagues, and a pretty decent amount of mediocre music performances. It’s so tempting to believe we are personally under attack and that current conditions are putting our individual well-being at risk. The result, as we can see, is a global wave of anger, insecurity, anxiety, and depression.

During this time, it becomes a vital practice to pause and ground ourselves in the recognition that nothing can disturb the peace which is our true being. We are not that temporary existence under attack by a multitude of forces. Our mind will constantly attempt to tell us otherwise, but when we choose not to believe the warped fantasies of our own mind and to instead look to the reality of our experience, we will notice that our essence and our reality is still there, unmoved, unharmed. Even the greatest of calamities cannot move us from our true being. There within us is the spiritual light shining as bright as always.

When you notice the world becoming louder with its testimony of destruction, it is the perfect time to go within for the realization of real peace. That peace will never be found in the world, nor in your own mind but it is always there.

Look beyond all temporary states to your own permanent being and take refuge there.