A Piece of Me

There is a risk when using religious terms such as “The Father” or “The Christ” when thinking of or referring to God. It encourages one to imagine God as being simply a part of the whole “me.” “There is ‘me’ and then there is that part of ‘me’ I experience as God, which I call “Christ” or “The Father within.” This makes “me” the main character and “Christ” a secondary character inside of “me.” The reality is, there is only omnipresent God and this pretend character I know of as “me,” an individual expression of omnipresent God.

Creation Now

If we have no trouble believing a “Creator” created our entire universe at a certain point in time, should we then not have any difficulty at all considering, instead, this “Creator” is creating our universe RIGHT NOW and has been creating the entirety of it NOW, always?

One Thing

There is only one thing that needs to happen. Consciously be who you already are.

No Fear

America is currently being fueled by fear rather than freedom.

People who for years have tried to stop abortions have finally met their goal but that isn’t good enough for them. They are still afraid and will have to target more free people in a constant attempt to appease their insatiable fear. They never will because they are hollow, empty people. The god they claim motivates them, can never really make them happy because that god is a fear-based, shell of an idea.

For decades, while enslaved, Africans in America regularly danced. Sang. Played music. Laughed. The empty slave owners could not rob the enslaved of the true Life and Light they carried within them. If we can use this as a model in our own lives, Truth will eventually overcome this climate of fear.

People who are possessed by fear are the weakest of people and it’s why they must rely on guns, bombs, and repressive laws to carry out their bidding. They have little else. Except fear. And they will eventually cower and run in the face of Truth. Even when enslaved, do not allow yourself to be overcome with fear in anything you do.

Also, dance. Don’t forget to dance.

The Universe and You

The most ego-centric position is, “There is the Universe/God and here is me, and the Universe/God is doing stuff to/for me.” How can you be something separate from the entire Universe/God? Do you really believe you are separate from the whole of everything else? No, what the universe does is what you do. What God is, is what you are. There isn’t something out there making things happen to you or for you. You are it, my friend! YOU are the whole of what is happening!

What Still Stands?

When you choose to deconstruct your faith, pay very close attention to what survives, what remains standing. Those things are pointers to what is ultimately true.


So much religious doctrine and dogma can’t survive the light of basic thought and reasoning. It’s why many religious people distrust education. You can destroy the foundations of most religions just by asking simple questions.

The Heaviness of Ego

When you begin moving away from constantly living under the dictate of ego, you feel lighter, as if you have somehow shed inner weight. Then, during occasional episodes of falling back into the grip of ego energy, the sensation of heaviness returns and is startling. You wonder how you could have spent so much of your life living that way.

Human Relationships

All human relationships will involve a certain degree of dysfunction until the realization comes that there is no relationship between human beings. There is only one being. With that realization, all dysfunction dissolves.

The Body As A Garden

Treat the body exactly as a garden in which you have been given charge. Give it the necessary time, attention, and care to receive optimum return, yet never attach a personal identity to it. You would never confuse the garden with yourself. Similarly, never confuse the body with yourself. If you notice you are over-feeding or under-watering the garden, make the necessary adjustments, then let the garden be the garden. It will do what gardens do as they grow, sometimes as expected, other times producing surprising results. At times, it seems like we can influence the health and development of the garden, but ultimately, so much of the garden’s process is beyond our control and understanding, even in the garden’s demise, as it changes form and dissolves back into the earth from where it was never actually separate. This is the good and necessary process of gardens and bodies.