There Is No ‘Being Aware of Being Aware’

The phrase “Be aware of Being Aware” is commonly used in contemporary non-dual teachings. However, it can be misleading and confusing. The phrase suggests that there is a need for Awareness to be aware of itself, but this is not the case.

Awareness is the only “thing” that can be aware and it has no need to be aware of itself, any more than the sun needs to illuminate itself. There is no actual “being aware of Being Aware” just as there is no actual “seeing of one’s own eye.”

When we analyze the term “be aware of Being Aware,” we realize that the first awareness mentioned must be temporary. Otherwise, there would be no need for it to be directed to be aware of the state of Being Aware. Since Awareness is eternal, the first temporary awareness cannot be referring to the permanent state of Being Aware. Therefore, the phrase “be aware of Being Aware” is nonsensical.

Focusing is Better

A better phrase to use in this context is “focus on Being Aware.” “Focus” is an action that can be performed by the ego entity. The ego has the ability to turn within and focus on its True Nature, which is Awareness. However, the ego’s ability to focus is temporary, which is why we often feel like we have lost Awareness. In reality, we have only lost our focus, not Awareness itself. By shifting our focus back to Awareness, we can once again realize it is our True Nature.

Perhaps you are asking what it means to “focus on Being Aware” and why it is so important? Awareness is who you are at the essential level. It is the very fabric of your being and of everything you experience. Awareness is the opening where you are connected to the entire spiritual universe.

To truly focus on Awareness, you must let go of your identification with the mind and the external world. When you do, it is as if you bring Awareness to the forefront. You begin to realize that Awareness is your true essence, that which is permanent, unlike the temporary identities you may have previously believed yourself to be. This “state” of Being Aware is often referred to as “spirit,” “consciousness,” “life,” “soul,” “silence,” “stillness,” “presence,” “the now,” or even “God.” It is what is meant by “Be still, and know that I am God.”

The True Meaning of Meditation

When we talk about focusing on Being Aware, we are actually talking about the essence of meditation. Meditation is often seen as setting aside specific time to focus on Being Aware, but in reality, you can practice it anytime and anywhere. You have Awareness with you at all times and locations, and it is always accessible, only waiting for your focus.

Remember, you are the temple of God. Where you stand is holy ground. So, take a moment to be present, to focus on Being Aware, and to connect with the essence of your being. It is in this Awareness that you will find true peace and understanding.

One Thing

There is only one thing that needs to happen. Consciously be who you already are.

You Are Not Your Mind

It is always a useful activity to keep in awareness the recognition that you are not your mind. If there is any constant “task” in the spiritual life it seems to be this. Human life, by it’s very nature, continually works to bring us into identification with our minds. It is this identification which brings about the sense of separation, aloneness and unhappiness that many of us struggle with on a regular basis.

Whenever there is an impulse to highlight differences between yourself and others, come into the awareness that it is your own mind that is initiating that impulse. Those impulses frequently arise during times we need an “ego boost.” For us to have a strong sense of individual existence, our mind needs to outline those things that seemingly make us different from everyone else. The differences may manifest as political, religious, regional or national. Some will find division in racial, sexual orientation or physical characteristics. In extreme examples, we will create an arch enemy to make ourselves even more superior. In every case, however, the differences are created and exploited by the mind to give the ego a more powerful sense of individuality.

When your mind activates to convince you that you are a being separate from the rest of the individuals {who are almost always more ignorant or inferior) it is displaying the same imperfection it is condemning in the others. Yes, we all seem to be different. We express the appearance of being individuals and, from the human experience, it is easy to convince ourselves this appearance is reality. In fact, we could say human existence is very much all about living the illusionary life of separation. But it is possible for us to do so while also keeping the truth in our consciousness. When dealing with those who live unconsciously chained to a belief of separation, it may even becomes necessary to occasionally act as if we are so. However, to look beyond appearance to the truth of being is the challenge of the spiritual life.

When the impulse arises to magnify differences in others, use the opportunity to look even deeper at the truth. Differences are mind-created and mind-exploited. Tomorrow we may have different beliefs than we have today and the differences we thought we saw yesterday will simply dissolve. Boundaries move, flags change and physical appearance is temporary. Recognize your mind and mental activity are not permanent. See that which is permanent and you will see others as they are in truth. Like a mirror, you will behold yourself.

Does Awareness Come From The Brain?

Q: Isn’t consciousness/awareness produced in the brain?

A: That which the brain produces constantly moves and changes. Over the course of your life, everything under the domain of the brain, including the brain itself, transforms. Comparing your life form at 2 years to you at 22 years and 42 and even 82, will reveal a life form drastically different. All of us look in the mirror and see a different person than we saw as a child. Even the thoughts that our brain/mind produces are not the same as those we thought when we were younger. Sometimes our thoughts can even change completely in a matter of hours. Our awareness, however, has never changed. While the objects of our awareness have changed many times since, the awareness itself is constant. When we think about our awareness in our youth, it seems no different than our awareness now. It feels ageless. Timeless. Unaffected by change or circumstances. How can a brain which is constantly changing and continually manufacturing movement and transformation, produce something that never changes?

Meditation Is Doing Nothing

In meditation, I am not attempting to “do” anything. There is no striving or desiring to make anything happen, nor is there an expectation of anything happening. Meditation is only an alignment of myself to what is. It is becoming aware of the truth of “nowness.” When pausing for meditation, I am allowing the illusionary veil of unawareness to dissolve so I can be aware of what really is. That “is-ness” is reality whether I am conscious of it or not, so there is no need to change anything, add to anything or make anything happen. The reality is, I couldn’t do any of those things anyway. I have no idea how. So aligning my awareness to what is in life is the only thing I can possibly “do.” And that is true meditation.