Outta Toon May 1997

Outta Toon May 1997

This is one of my favorite strips. The gag is a little telegraphed but still good. Tooth and Nail is a record label that features hardcore Christian music. The artists mentioned by name, Ray BoltzThe McKameys and Wayne Watson are along the “Adult Contemporary,” “Southern Gospel” or “Worship Music” generes.

The poster in the last panel says, “If you are over 30 this gag may be hazardous to your health! Don’t worry. We hear John Fischer’s column is really good this month.” Frankly, I’m surprised that made it into the magazine. John Fischer wrote a popular column on the back page of the magazine. He’s a respected artist and a great writer but I always thought the artists he wrote about were older than I was and more from the “aging hippie,” baby boomer generation. Not that that was a problem but I didn’t think his faithful readers would necessarily understand jokes about “Tooth and Nail” artists. As payback, today I can’t understand a damn thing those kids are listening to.


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