Outta Toon July 1998

Outta Toon July 1998

This is the largest “Outta Toon” since the beginning of time. It appeared in the CCM Magazine 20th Anniversary issue. The art director had an idea to do a full page “Outta Toon” chronicling the little-known “Secret History of CCM.” Only two artists mentioned here: Dino and Petra, both a reference to longevity. I also spelled “phat” correctly in this one. I worked in a Gilligan’s Island reference in this cartoon, which, as far as I’m concerned, you can’t have too many of. And I’m just now noticing after all these years my Woodstock sign which is supposed to say “Music,” “Dancing,” “Mud” looks like it says “Mod.” No wonder this strip has gone unappreciated all these years.


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