Outta Toon January 1996

Outta Toon January 1996

I always loved making fun of Christian merchandising even though I would have jumped at the chance to have officially licensed “Outta Toon” T-shirts, greeting cards or toilet paper. However the “Jesus and Butthead” T-shirt in the strip didn’t go over well with one reader.


I’m not sure I’d want to grow up in a household that didn’t allow you to say “Butthead.” Oh, wait, I did. Not only that, Janelle, but I’ve lived in Cleveland, TN before and I personally know several buttheads who live there. Then there was another.


Eric got it. Thanks for standing up for the right to call a butthead a “butthead,” man. By the way, this is the very incident when I found out phat is spelled with a “ph” instead of an “f.” The art director told me after it was published. I think he may have been trying to make me look bad.


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