“My photography is about the story. The stories in the faces of familiar and random people, captured forever with a split-second click of a shutter. Sometimes the stories are created partially or entirely by the viewer’s imagination. Those stories are vital too. Even the abstracts tell stories, often more personal than the portraits. When I take a photo of a stranger, that stranger begins a journey of becoming a part of my life, a member of my own family. Their face eventually becomes a familiar presence and their stories interact with my own.

For me, concert photography is being able to capture the stories of performers, who are basically just people at their work, doing the job they are in the process of perfecting. It isn’t something we always get the chance to witness in other professions. We get a peek at the emotional vulnerability of their creativity in progress. The pain, joy, fear, and ecstasy released, sometimes wildly, on a staged performance we pay to see.”

Photographs © Rick Baldwin. All rights reserved.