These are some of the original fine art works I’ve done over the years. Works that show a price mean the original art is currently available at that price. Most of my works are also available HERE as prints or on other merchandise. If you are interested in purchasing original art, CONTACT ME regarding additional shipping and handling charges to your specific location.

Regarding Pricing: I generally use the formula of $1 per square inch for my art. This is the “bottom level” for art pricing, but I currently have a day job and don’t rely on my art to support myself. Most of my newer work relies on that formula but I often mark down older pieces in attempt to clear them from my studio so I will have more room. If you see an original piece at a very low price, that’s probably the reason. If you see any of my original art that you “must have” but you can’t afford the price, feel free to make an offer. I am open to bargaining, bartering and even trading for other original art pieces. Keep in mind, art can be expensive to create. Art supplies cost a lot. Studio space is expensive. The time put into creating can be extensive. Please consider those things when submitting any alternative price. If you are open to the idea of owning a print instead of an original, you can purchase several of my art works as prints HERE.