I was not born with a content spirit.

My life has been one of spiritually seeking, un-turning, questioning and exploring. I’ve never seen it as something I’ve made a conscious choice to do. It’s always something that has followed an inner “pull.” An impulse to keep digging and not cease. At times I would have preferred not to be bothered with it. I’ve envied those who are content with what they say they know spiritually, what they have been told is right, what they have read to be true. Unfortunately, that isn’t a “gift” I was given.

At the time I am writing this, I am 57 years old. I had put away my spiritual life almost exactly 10 years to the day and, honestly, thought I was done with it. More about that later. A new “call of awakening” came recently and I find myself back on the trail in familiar shoes that are also brand new. In the span of about two weeks I experienced 10 years of “catch up” insights. In some ways I’m very happy to pick it up again, but in other ways I’d rather not. It’s too late though. I am there.

I decided to write these “Letters to Me” as a way of documenting my spiritual experiences and development. I’ve never journaled or kept a diary before and I never felt much need to. However, at my age I suppose I have somethings to put on to paper (Even though today, paper is so yesterday). So let’s just call it a spiritual blog and move on. As the title suggests, I am writing these letters to my own self. I’m not hoping, expecting or intending anyone else will read them or even have an interest in them. These letters are to remind myself of spiritual experiences and realizations. How my own consciousness has unfolded throughout my life. If someone else gets something from these letters, fantastic! Please use what you can for your own development. Feel free to comment or send me questions if you need clarification. Ultimately, though, I can only speak for and of my own experiences so I direct these writings to me.

When dealing with spiritual topics and matters, language has a tendency to breakdown. Even this post reflects many instances where language does not accurately portray spiritual meaning. I won’t put forth much effort to make language fit into the spiritual domain. I know what I am referring to and readers can intuitively catch the pointers of the language if they choose.

That is the beginning. Glad it’s out of the way.

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