One summer my dad
worked at a city pool
he brought home items
left behind by the public
that’s where I got
those wonderful
light blue tie-dyed
bell-bottom jeans which
were the best pair of pants
I’ve ever had.

It was like they
were made for me
a perfect fit (It’s possible
they were girls’ jeans but I didn’t
care) Dad also gave me a bracelet
with the name Kelly on it
(I checked and Kelly
is a boy’s name too)

In bracelet and light blue
tie-dyed bell bottoms
I looked much older almost
sixteen or seventeen probably.

That summer
we all walked to
Knight’s Variety Store
I was wearing my
light blue tie-died
bell-bottom jeans
Mrs. Knight said I looked
older– my mom agreed.

Girls looked at me
differently that summer and
I prepared for the moment
one of them would
approach and speak
to me but they
never did.

I wish I knew what happened to
those light blue tied-dyed
bell-bottom jeans.

—Rick Baldwin ©2018


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