Pokey LaFarge at Terminal West

I was fortunate to attend the Pokey LaFarge concert at Terminal West in Atlanta on December 6. I’ve been wanting to see him perform for awhile now and I wasn’t disappointed. You can always tell when an artist or band has been touring for years. Their shows are tight and solid. This was certainly the case with Pokey LaFarge. They played an enjoyable selection of oldies, recents and brand new tunes and there wasn’t a dud in the bunch. It was unfortunate that they had to play without their multi-instrumentalist side-man, Ryan Koenig, who was struck by a car in Charleston, SC the night before and was in the hospital recuperating. Ryan will be forced to miss the remainder of the tour but the band proved they will continue marching ahead, even if with a slight limp.

I was able to photograph the show and I’m posting a few of the photos here. If you wish, you can see more photos in larger format on my Flickr account.

I’m posting a link to The Ryan Koenig Recovery Fund for those who might want to donate a few dollars to Ryan’s medical expenses. Help if you can.

When History Repeats

holocaust prisoners

I’ve always had a perhaps deeper than normal interest in the subject of the Holocaust. It started in high school when my sociology teacher showed the television series “Holocaust” and the whole thing became a part of my soul. I’m not Jewish and I grew up knowing no one who was Jewish but for some reason I’ve always felt I was somehow connected to it. When I see photos of the prisoners in the camps, I always feel like I’m looking at my own family or even myself. Earlier this year, I went to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in DC and it was an emotional, terrifying, sickening walk through an unbelievable but real event. I’m currently watching a Holocaust documentary on the National Geographic channel and it feels like this entire year, whenever I watch something about the Holocaust, I’m seeing an old map of current events. I feel a horrifying deja vu. I tell myself I’m probably just over reacting but then, daily, events seem to reflect way too closely the timeline leading to those events in Germany. Only this time, there will be no Americans to swoop in and save the day. Anyone else feel this impending doom? Can the course be turned?


For years Republicans said they would replace “Obamacare” with their own health care plan. They came up with nothing. Now they are in a position to repeal “Obamacare” and replace it with their own plan but they’ve got nothing. The Republican health care plan is exactly that: “Nothing.” “Nothing” is what they want poor Americans to have. And since the majority of the poor voted them in, “Nothing” is what they will get. At least some people will get what they voted for.

poor sick dumb

Mistletoe 2016

‪Hey, 2016! I’m standing under the mistletoe! Happy Yule Y’all!‬

Mistletoe 2016

©2016 Rick Baldwin

Christmas Art Deals

Want to give original art for Christmas? Check out my stuff in my studio store. or in my photo albums on the Facebook site. Contact me and make me an offer! If the original is still available, I’ll make deals. I’d love to make room for new art in 2017.


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